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Enable NUT master mode in D-Link DNS-320 NAS

Date: 26/09/2015, 10:35

Category: technology

I have a rather complex setup in my home network. I have as a backup and storage server a D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter rev.B NAS.

This device has support for UPS power management via USB, so I attached my InnoTech UPS device and configured the NAS in Master mode. Then I lost something like five days trying to figure out the username and password to setup upsmon client to work properly, because I could not find the user and password for master mode in DNS-320. There was info about in the manual, although there should have been.

After various emails and google searches, I’ve found a way to root the nas using fun_plug. The website hosting the guide is rather sketchy, be careful, there are many clickbaits.

After login to the NAS as ‘root’ user via telnet I was able to find the upsd.conf file and read it. The default configuration for NUT master mode in DNS-320 is:

password = 123
upsmon master

password = 123
upsmon slave

There’s a good chance that other DNS-3xx ShareCenters have the same configuration.